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rouge coco mademoiselle : the IT lipstick

I've been so busy this past few days; catching up with my final year project and him coming here to spend his last few days before going back to Malaysia next week.

I know you'd think I'm so screwed, she's gonna nag about how she'd miss her boyfriend, blablabla..(remember this post? I knew I'd regret writing it) 

Well, I'd be lying if I say I'm totally fine, but I'm holding up just fine. Alhamdulillah. Things are hectic right now because I have to go to lab and go home at 6 and start cooking for break fast and him being here and all. But tomorrow's weekend, which means YAY for me :)

Anyhow, I know I rambled about how my lisptick is betraying me and this summer being the worst case scenario ever; but I've found my new love.

Chanel's Rouge Coco #5 Mademoiselle lipstick.

I'm skipping the whole review cause you can read it all over the internet, but it's safe to say if you're looking for magic, this is it.

Well, for our lips that is.

This is what the ads look like. Vanessa Paradis is wearing Rouge Coco #5 Mademoiselle.

(source : stylefrizz)

In case you didn't know (like me), she is Johnny Depp's baby momma.

Anyway. You can get this for 3000+ yen on Rakuten, and you won't be sorry. I spent 1000 yen on a Maybelline lipstick and it's one of the biggest regret in my life; the texture isn't divine enough and it won't stay for even 30 minutes.

#5 Mademoiselle has the perfect combination of nude, red and pink color, rich in texture and adds elegance in everything. I used Rouge Allure #44 before, which is more to pink than red. I've always thought red won't look good on me, but all the Vanessa Paradis hype sure gets to my head - put this lipstick on and you'd feel like you're walking the streets of Paris. Sexy, vibrant and elegant.

No, Chanel don't pay me to say all this. Hehe.

Speaking of shopping, feel free to visit my friend's site - Sarah's Garage Sale.

I've always wanted to set up a preloved items blog, but I have absolutely no time at all. Trust me, final year is anything but fun.

I've always loved her taste in clothes and bags, so feel free to browse the items!

Been so busy and need a place to put up your stuffs? You can advertise your things there FOR FREE, just drop them an email or message them on the Facebook page. Seriously, for free! 

Uted, you might get an email from me soon, if I failed to get my lazy ass to the nearest 2nd hand shop here and sell my old clothes.


  1. Ok please stop being so sweet , HAHA ! Thanks oren, much appreciated :)

    Yeah please drag your lazy ass to my shop and sell your freaking overloaded pre-loved item !

    BTW, the lipstick is smoking hot ! !

  2. haha no problem :)

    I will, if I'm not so far away in japannnn :( but will come back for raya soon, so leave some space for me! hehehe :D

  3. omg chantek la that colour. hmm tunggu lipstick aku abes dulu baru beli.hahaa

  4. eh suke gile colour die wehhh!! how much kalau convert to RM? btw jom join black n white contest!

    uted: wehhh rinduuuu! ;p

  5. @izzat laila : cantik, seriously. and chanel lipstick sume lmbt hbs, rouge allure before ni pakai dekat sethn br hbs ok!

    @ezzah k : kalau RM 110+ jugak la kot. taktau kat msia jual brape. ok will do insyaAllah, am checking out ur blog right now :))


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