plant design : DONE!

Just dropping by to tell you,


This means.

  1. No more sleepless nights.
  1. No more sucky Sundays spent worrying about what to present during weekly meeting and how to calculate the height of the plant or the time taken for the plant to be completed or how much time would the plant need to complete a cycle of water adsorption or how exactly am I going to purify the hydrogen gas from other mixtures..yes, these are essential things to do if you were to become an engineer
  1. No more busy Mondays spent running around to get datas from other groups
  1. No more meeting with the not-so-nice senpai who refuses to help out even though it was his job
  1. No more 3-pages long materials to be prepared every Wednesday for Thursday's meetings. 

We had the presentation yesterday (yes, on a Saturday! pfft) and I only got home at 1 am on that Friday night, completing all the slides for the presentation. Some of my groupmates didn't even go home at all. See, this is how Japanese works.

The presentation went great, we answered all the questions and by the time the buzzer rang indicating the time for our group is over, I wanted to jump up and down! You won't believe how relief I am, all the worst thoughts in my head suddenly went away..and all I see is my nice, comfy bed. Hehe. We had celebration party after that, and I excused my self early to go home because there's no way I'd spend my first night of freedom watching them getting drunk.

Now that I only have final year project to worry about, I don't even know where to start. It's like starting fresh. I don't know where to begin.

Maybe I should start with the Marian Keyes' book I've been delaying since April..we'll see. Just finished watching The Karate Kid and The Hangover (OMGG Bradley Cooper...*drool*) and now am looking for good movies to watch!

Ooh btw, I'm head over heels with all Miu Miu things now. Even my desktop wallpaper.

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