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It's official. I'm going to move to a new place this Sunday. 

I've always thought it's weeks away (actually it's made official a month ago, but I was busy handling all the forms and phone calls that I forgot I have only days away) and today it just struck me real hard that I'm going to have to leave this house.

This is my new house :) I'm living alone from next week onwards.

(taken from their website)

I feel liberated, for some reason. But I know this is a start to something good :)
The only bad thing is, I haven't packed yet. Well, the packing process has started but it's only 30%, I think.

It feels weird, having to leave the house I've lived in for almost three years. I mean, all my uni life had been associated with this house more than I could ever imagine; the birthday parties, the usrahs, the makan-makan, the AJK meeting..though I never really connect with this house (for some reason) but it does feel like home sometimes.

The only thing that makes me enthusiastic about this whole moving out thing is that I get to have a brand new room!!!

Means I get to decorate my room all over again!!

But of course, I have to settle all the packing things first before even think about decorating the new room..sighh. Though I really need to think about the color and theme first.

Ohh if only I can get everything furnished like in the pictures...Nafco really should start restocking their stuffs. Or better yet, IKEA should really open a new branch in Hiroshima, they won't be sorry.

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