saying goodbye to textbooks.

Done with exams today :) And am the happiest girl on earth!!

I don't remember being so happy finishing my papers, ever. Maybe because this is the last finals I have before going into 4th year.

OMG. 4th year. 
Let's not talk about it yet. :-/

Anyway, that means I have to do the one thing I always do after finals (because we have, like, 1 and a half month of freedom and late night stuffs and waking up at noon..NGAHAHA) - things I have need want to do after finals.

Umm..I don't really know where to start. Next entry, maybe. :D


  1. Yay, freedom!
    I already waved good-bye to mine :(

  2. dah start classes already eh?
    i just started my weeks of freedom ;) lets pass baton then!hehe



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