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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

welcome to my blog


being a mommy
working life

how to cope with stress.

Next week I have 4 finals coming up..explains why this blog is practically dead since last week. Hehe.

I'm so not the right person to blog about this stress thing, because I'm a basket case every time I have finals. You can ask my boyfriend or my housemate about this, I can scare everyone away. He knows better not to mess with me during exam week. 

But it'd be nice if we can apply these in our daily basis.
This should be my next year's new year resolutions. 


  1. waaa ade 4 paper...kurushii~

    nnti sepanjang perjlnn nak gi exm bace la nih:
    robbi yassir wala tua'sir ya karim

    insyaAllah dimudahkan tujuan urusan perjlnn kite tuh.pastu bace dgn yakin sekali la.kalo time exm ade bende2 yg zatil hapal terlupe ke..bace selawat byk2.

    dulu xde la rase yakin sgt tau bace sejak gi umrah dulu selalu amalkan.alhamdullilah everytime bace,waktu solat dah msuk n terlambat gi masjidil haram pon still dpt smyg kat dlm masjid.pastu dpt tpt nak smyg dgn mudah walopon ade ramai manusia2 yg besar n kasar kat situ.

    even harituh time exm,sensei ade tlg bg jwpn :D sensei siap tulis kat kertas jwpn time exm satu soklan je la

    gud luck exm ye zatil :)

  2. thank you!!

    alhamdulillah :) best glee sensei bg jwpn!!so far tak pnh lg la sensei buat 1nen dlu adela sensei bg hint sikit2.hehehe. *amin* kene hafal ni :D

    thanks :)


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