who defines beautiful,anyway.

I know I shouldn't be blogging now..but I just can't resist this.

Got these from Tumblr. The site has everything. 

Firstly, this is the proof the models are not exactly that pretty like we see in magazines..hehehe.(And zero is not a size, seriously)

Secondly, this shows that every girl is beautiful, so chin up and be confident of your looks. Don't let others bring you down, especially men, because you're the owner of yourself. Your boyfriend can't change that.

As my bestfriend always says, don't forget to smile, cause you never know who might fall in love with it.


  1. "my haters are now kissing my ass"

  2. before and after xde rasa different sgt pn...rasa yg before tu still cute je...tipu aaa

  3. anon : hahah the best ;)

    sidek : TGK BETUL2 LA!pfftt..still cute, but ade difference.hehehe.

  4. hey onna yg 1st dr kiri row yg ketiga tuh cam Chanel Iman la.ke mmg die?

    mmg byk model femes kat dunie nih yg bkn typical beauty..sume muke either pelik sket,ade yg exotic looking ade yg normally kite rase eh muke camni bole jd model ke camtula.tp model2 VS cam Miranda n Rosie Huntington siyes lawaaaaa.gila nyer lawa.lawa sampai sakit dada tgk.aishh

    setuju ngan zatil =) every girl is beautiful.cantik tu universal.ade org A kate onna d lawa tp org B ckp onna d tuh bese2 jek n ckp onna c lg lawa.ok,ayt siyes sgt keling.
    n cantik tuh biar la inside and out.

    haah betol kdg2 kite tgk kat tibi ke nmpk lawa sume tuh sbb dah makeup n kat mags die dah edit ilang sume cacat cela.

    nak try slalu senyum la pasnih =)

    *pnjg gila komen*

  5. yup thats her :) she doesnt look that bad on the before pic,i think.if only they could smile a bit.haha.

    kan kan.imo the best way to look beautiful,to feel beautiful is to be comfortable in your own skin.then baru org lain can see your true self kan :)
    and i agree on the cantik inside out.inside,the most.sadly people always overlook the inside part.

    lets smile! :) :)

  6. 'i used to b the ugliest girl in school'...
    wonder klau dah cute mcm tu still the ugliest, yg lain cantik mcm mana...school full of hotties ke...haha

    but nice statement there about overlooking the inside..or looking too much on the outside...how many beautiful girls end up with the person who understand n trima her inside...just nmpak beauty jer...
    but ni sume ptut pmpuan le ckap..ak ckap watpe...hahaha

  7. haha of course la i think they went to fashion college or something..haha ;)

    yea i agree.but its nice to know this is coming from a guy's point of view,at least i know not all guys are the same.kan? :)

    and i truly think this applies to girls too.



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