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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

welcome to my blog


being a mommy
working life

the super-chic agenda.

I was never the type of person who keeps track with my own schedule.

My life is pretty much waking up in the morning, go to class, have lunch (which is one onigiri, and that is if I was really that hungry. Not really a lunch person) go to the evening class, go home, have dinner (rice and chicken) start doing reports and stuff, and sleep.

That's it.

I've never even had a schedule, what more sticking to it. 

But being in this Japanese population, being the only one who doesn't have an organizer is like a taboo. From what I see in these 3 years, everyone of my classmates has at least 2 organizers; one is the formal leather class organizer, the other is the fancier one . 
I swear everytime our sensei gives out the exam dates or something I'm the only one who'd jot it down in my phone. 

So that's why in my new year resolutions I included the being organized wasn't an easy start, though.

Choosing the perfect organizer is crucial.

I bought a 2000 yen organizer which I thought is the most beautiful book in the world..(it was from Loft, by the way, I love Loft so much I think everything they sell is spectacular) 
Until I saw this.

Louis Vuitton Epi Leather Medium Ring Agenda.
Comes with the LV initials stamped on the Epi leather.(price at $555)

I know LV prepares numerous organizers but I like this the most. The initials are stamped discreetly on the cover so this kind of makes the agenda a lot more down-to-earth, which I like. And the color. Makes me feel life is beautiful and all the cheesy things :)

Oh well. If only I hadn't bought that Loft organizer pffft. And if only my bank account miraculously debited at least 1000 bucks.


  1. oh gawd...ur life & my life doesnt hv much different. up-> class-> home-> dinner-> study
    I usually have dinner for an hour, cos it's a much to watch series while having dinner :D

  2. true!!!! id spend atleast an hour for dinner cause thats the time i catch up with my dramas :D

    nway,did you watch the vampire diaries?awesome drama,seriously better than twilight kot.:)

  3. Really? That's great!I haven't, but lots of my friends recommended it. Am following true blood (anothr vamp series,but full with obscene scenes), but dont know why, they haven't came up with any new series. It's been 4months already! Hope the show is not cancelled.

    I guess students in any parts of the world more or less have the same routine.
    Kat Msia nnt mesti xleh dh.Download gile lembab,nk tgk kat tv,lambat air pulak -.-

  4. yea the vampire diaries ade parts yg obscene jgk,and im a chicken id close my eyes everytime..hehehe.but the leading actors are..awesome.definitely worth watching.and its only first season so you can catch up :)

    tula!!everytime balik msia id download a bunch of series to watch on a lembab computer..the only thing i hate about going back home..pfft.streamyx sucks.


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