happy halloween :)

Last week was a tough week for me.

There were so many things in my hands, my classes were not helping, and the lab things didn't help either.

Then suddenly Jua came to the rescue when she asked me "wey jom pegi kobe! we're going to USJ on Saturday".

It was a matter of death. USJ on a Saturday when there are classes on Monday?? Dead.

The conscious, more sensible part of my brain was telling me nooo..please don't go you'll be dead on Monday when sensei see you in the lab not being able to do anything..you will never have time to prepare for the experiments..don't be silly.

But the evil side of me was all you need a break. One day, one full of fun day doesn't hurt. You can read the lab book on Monday morning..simple.
So I went to Kobe on Friday evening.

Took the bus from daigaku at 3.00 pm and reached Kobe at 8.50 pm. Fiqah took me to her house, I mean her nice-comfy-super-neat house(hehe) and fed me her delicious chicken with rice..(OK I don't know what it's called, but it was yummy! Wanted to ask for the recipe, or at least the name of the dish but too ashamed.)
We talked and talked till midnight and fell asleep only when we were both tucked in the blanket.

The next day, USJ day. I swear I've never had so much fun in years :)

After several attempts

Pekah and her usual phase..haha I love this girl

The parade

I have no idea why..
Went to USJ in the morning, met Jua and Pekah there since they both took the night bus from Tokyo to USJ the previous night, and had lotsa fun. We were all "nevermind it's the pictures that matter the most" haha!

And coincidentally last Saturday was Halloween day, so we practically celebrated Halloween at USJ. You can tell from the pictures we were all going crazy with the devil headband(I think) as if we didn't attract attention enough..hehe.

I am loving this headband big time
Went home at midnight, exhausted but happy :)
Had girls talk some more till morning but I was too tired I fell asleep midway..sheesh. I can't believe I missed it.

Went back to Hiroshima on Sunday morning(pffft) and they continued having fun around Kobe without me. I WANT TO STAY A BIT LONGER LAAAA!! Isk.

Damn you labs. Damn you experiments. Pfft.

I had such a great time nevertheless.

P/S : Let's make this regular! I'm freaking bored here already.


  1. loaded yer ko atil bleh nk wat activity mcm tu regularly....sugei2

  2. takdela regular smpi nak buat every week..

  3. ahahhah ske gambo yg 2nd last tuh

  4. HAHAA mmg sume org suke.dahla muke cam kesian gle.

  5. i love this post so much!!! i thought of updating on our halloween celebration too, but so many other things to do... T_T
    miss u so much la!! seriously~ glad to get to meet u after soo many years, kan? ;)


  6. tulaa i checked ur blog byk kali kot2 upload video,risau hahah :D yer la kan tuan rumah,mst bdk2 tu balik kau busy kms2 kan.hahaha.

    nway,thank youuu for the great layanan and food!!!say thanks kat hani jgk k!baik gle sediakan ktorg nye bentou sume..huhu.missing u guys already :(
    yela klu tak buat trip ni ntah bile plak blh jmpe kan.hahah.im glad we did :)

    take care babeeeee!*hugs* :)



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