a new page,a new leaf.

Yesterday was hard for me.

I decided to delete my previous posts; the ones dated back in 2007 and 2008.

It was hard, let me tell you. Firstly, to decide; to delete or to let them stay. If I let them stay, I don't think I'll ever be able to move on and forget all the awful things happened.

If I deleted them, OMG they are just too many I'd feel so bad..it was as if I'm throwing away half of my life..cannot do it.

At last, I decided to delete some of the posts, and kept the rest as drafts - so that they won't appear here.

I am turning over a new leaf. And this blog shall do the job.

Truth is, it's not like I don't like myself in the past.
But a person's got to let go of all the things she doesn't want to remember.
And I feel terrible whenever I read back the sad/angry/emotional posts, and ashamed that people actually read those. What must they think of me..isk.

I hope I will write less melancholic entries, after this. Maybe it's hard not to anymore, especially when we know life is not all roses, but we can definitely focus on positive things rather than obsessing over unimportant things, can't we?
God willing.

I feel so much better already.


  1. aaah naseb baik zatil dah xprivate kan blog
    gundah gulana jugak mule2 tau zatil dah private kan

  2. haha yeke..thanks for reading :) :)


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