high fever-ish.

So today was the first day of school.

Actually school started like last Thursday but I had to skip Thursday's classes since I've just came back from Malaysia and I have only one class on Friday. So today was more official.

I've been down with fever since Sunday but I thought I can make it through today, at least, because I didn't want to skip more classes.

'Fraid not.

After the first class I went to the Health Centre to check my temperature and the nurse got the shock of her life when she sees my temperature was 38.5 Celsius. She was like, "OMG!! You probably have the influenza because your temperature is too high! GO SEE THE DOCTOR NOW!!"

I swear I'm not kidding, I almost burst into laughter at that very moment. Yeah Japanese do exaggerate sometimes. Everytime.

So after that I went to see sensei and told him I can't go to the evening's classes, and went to the clinic.

And the doctor made me undergo the influenza's test.

It was horrible.

She took this one long stick, almost like a dawai and began shoving it up my nose. Seriously. The pain was so revolting I actually had tears on my eyes. After a few minutes she took it out and put it in this one thing that tells you whether you have influenza or not by the position of the liquid.

You will know the result after 8 minutes, according to the doctor.

Thank God, turns out I don't have influenza, but she wants me to keep track with my sore throat and body's temperature to see if it'll get better or something..I didn't exactly pay any attention after that cause I was too busy thanking God that I'm free of the disease.

I wish I'd never have to go through the whole process again. It's too tiring; what more with this fever I have, and frightening; what if it turned out I have influenza?

If there's one thing I learned today it's that when you're sick please wear your mask, people. No matter where you are. You'll never know.



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