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We had our girls' day out the other day. Me, Syena, Farah, Nana, Sara and Iman, Syena's brother.

It's been years since the three of us had our little gathering, so it was a perfect day for me.

You have no idea how it feels not having your bestest friends around you when you're down with something and when they're so far away you can only get in touch with them through Skype/YM. And they cannot go online all the time, which sucks even more because you can but there's no one to talk to.

Even after 7 years, even though we're now physically and emotionally changed, I know the Farah and Syena I knew before have never changed.

They're the sincerest, honest, loyal person/friend I know.


Thank you for being the coolest girlfriends ever :)

The Girls

Syena : The most honest, loyal person I know. She might not be around me all the time, we hardly keep in touch everyday even though we still message each other on YM but we're still the best of friends right from the beginning when we were in Form 4. She's the only one person who can criticize me in everything I do without offending me. We've never had any arguments about anything, that's how patient she is with me. She's still with her boyfriend of 6 years, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!

Farah : The girl I always turn to everytime I have guy troubles. Hehe. She's always fun, outgoing, and has never changed from the moment I met her. Even though we're oceans apart, she never takes things for granted, and blessed with a guy who loves her so much that looking at this pair I knew they'd last for a long time.

P/S : Syena and Farah, I miss you already.

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