the things i want to do before i turn 20 list.

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My bestfriend turned 22 last Monday. When I wished her I almost forgot that we're 22 years old already, that when it hit me I felt almost sad. I had this list I made before, on the things I wanted to do before I turn 20. Some came true(after some serious damage) but some are, sadly, not. Here's what's on the never-came-true list.

1) have a wild girls night out with the girls - I don't know why, but I thought before I get old enough that doing these crazy things would seem totally inappropriate, I wanted to feel how it feels to be a wild, crazy girl for just one night. Putting on a gorgeous dress, killer heels, makeups and everything - and have absolutely one night of pure fun. But sadly I never did. I figured before I go out looking like that my mum would kill me first.

2) join a karaoke competition - I've always loved singing. The thing I might not prefer to share with the people around me, but I like it as a pastime since I was young. And a few months ago I just started learning how to play guitar thanks to my sister, but up until now I don't think I have the courage to play in front of people. I've been posting my so-called 'singing' online (not using my real name, of course) just to see the feedbacks and so far it's been great :) I might not be the best musician or have breathtaking voice but this is definitely the one thing I enjoy doing. And good news - I received an offer to participate in an online karaoke competition, using demos and everything, from someone who saw my video! He has no idea how much the offer means to me. It absolutely made my day, though there's no way I'm going to join the competition. Even if it's online.

3) go to Paris - even if it's just for a few days. Godd the city is just awesome..I envy those of you who've been there :( Eiffel Tower, gorgeous line of branded shops, breathtaking views from the hotel room - what's not to love?

4) flirt with guys much older/younger - I have no idea why. But it's always fun to know which one of the two types has the hot for you. Though I agree it would cause some very serious damage, especially when you're in a serious relationship.

5) design my own dress - Everytime there's a function, or a wedding, I've always had this thought of making my own dress to wear that day - from the designing process, fabric picking, sewing and stuff. I think it would be so much fun having the choice to wear a dress that represents you, the real you, from head to toe. But everytime I would either have no time, or limited choice of shops to choose the stuff, or simply no money. -_- But maybe I can do this before I turn 25. Who knows.

6) have part-time job at stores - It's always fun to help people shopping. Once, when I was in Korea picking out brooches and things to buy for my family, there was this woman and suddenly she was asking my opinion on the things she's buying. If her daughter would like it or not, if the color is suitable for her skin, etc etc. And omg I had so much fun helping her! Bad for her, of course, because she kept picking up things she didn't need with me suggesting things - but it was a fun experience. Though I doubt I can ever get any job as sales assistant anywhere here in Japan.

There were some things that did come true, and I'm grateful for it - but for these things that didn't, I did feel bad about it, but looking at the plus side maybe it's not meant for me. Or maybe it's meant for me to do before I turn 25. Or 30. Who knows.

After all, these things did motivate me to work harder. And have more courage to be a different person once in a while. It's always worth it.



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