that damn donna reed.

Still Listening To Mika Nakashima.

I wanted my friends on Fb to be less than now. I wanted them to be only the ones I know. But hipocracy still wins, kot. Deleting friends on Fs is hopeless.

And haha your note made me smile :) I counted and there were 3!!
:) :)

See. It's been 3 years. But you still make simple things seem so big.

I have to get up early tomorrow. The bloody test. Those yang dah habis exam, shut up. Cis.

I have to stop thinking back, or I won't be able to move on. But everything seems to back you up. I wonder if I should hang on to the ties? Being in your place, the more I think about what you said, the more incredulous it seems.

I choose to be skeptical.

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