bloody sweet.

Do you not think that they are just too damn perfect?

I don't care if people think they are overrated, I still want a life like hers. I can live with overpriced bags and designer clothes out in the streets, thank you.

Can he get any hotter?

Maybe I should bully him more so I'll have three or four cute sons. ;)

Just watched Rachel Getting Married while glancing through Programming notes and honestly I don't get it. Too much..drama. But I still love Anne Hathaway.

I initially wanted to make a list of what I did today. But thinking of it, it just hits me that I am a boring person. I don't go out. I eat what I cooked. I watch TV, movies. I read. I listen to music. I talk on the phone for hours with different people. I clean the room. Do the chores. Okay ade lah jugak klua beli groceries, but that's it.

Gahh. Alah sebab exam's week lah kan sebenarnye.


  1. aku suke gile vid vic n becky tu.mcm they are meant for each other kan,dah anak berderek pon still loving.omg. best siot

  2. kann.tu lahh jeles gile.wujud ke couple camtu.isk.



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