Monday, January 26, 2009

a new head start.

Sebab aku malas.
Sebab putih itu lawa.
Sebab this is the simplest one I can get. Rasenye pasni takde lah tuka baru dah, kot. Hopefully. Depends.

To a certain someone, please get better soon. I need to make the chicken porridge but I don't know how :(

Is there such a thing as serenity? Is there?

Serene. Serene.

Next week finals. A week away.

Still melting.

Bittersweet, Love Me Butch and Laila's Lounge, I love you.

"Asal kau lately ni pelik semacam je hormone ke"

I talk a lot. I ramble a lot. Tak paham.


  1. cool one.

    keep up with writings.write more.k?

  2. simple layout.. cool :)
    gud luck atin 4 final!

  3. silent : thanks,okay :)

    anonymous : haha anonymous la sgt ;) thanks!


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