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I don't know where he learned nihongo, but he's getting freaking good at it. Freaks me out.

Am I that ignorant?

I'm so over it. But when I read it all, I get this hollow feeling. I see the lies.

I shouldn't have dug it all back. Stupid.

I'm so over it :) Eventually I think I know what they meant when they say friendship in your terms is only a one-way street. No need to defend yourself when you're as bare as sky.

There. Topic closed.

Facebook is getting way superficial. I wonder how many times a person stalks Facebook in a day? Though as much as it "connects", it's getting freakier if every one would know what you're doing almost every time you update anything, in a second. Or maybe it's just me.
Talk about paranoid.

I want to drop Material Science. Can? I see how seniors were dreading the subject, and the sensei(I don't want to be mean, but seriously) because my stomach turns everytime I see the guy. And when he talks..I get this feeling that I just have to get out of the room.

Let it go? Live with it? I don't know, seriously. I wish lecturers would be less supercilious everytime they see a foreign student.

And GG is not as appealing anymore, as expected.

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