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Winter in Japan: accessories

 Welcome to the second part of the series What to Wear, Japan edition.

Ok in the spirit of keeping record of everything I wear, this part is on the accessories for surviving winter in Japan (in case you haven't read previous part). I find the need to record this especially when I have 3 kids under 7 years old who are in elementary school and kindergarten in Japan, and keeping them warm is my biggest priority (also when they won't shut up about it).

This is me. On most days, I don't really need any accessories - only winter jacket (it might not seem like it, but this Lee jeans jacket keeps me warm enough) and heat tech inners and I'm good to go.

The kids, however..

These are the additional accessorising they need, on top of the full-on winter outfit:

  1. Muffler/scarf - we got them the muffler? Snood? From 3coins. Sorta like Daiso, but everything in the store costs 300 yen, hence the name. You can find the store everywhere in Japan, even train stations. Keep their necks warm, and their whole body will feel the warmth
  2. Gloves - keep their small hands warm. Although we made a mistake of buying gloves for baby girl a size too big, and finding it difficult to put them on her small hands. Note: for babies, please don't get the ones with full-on 5 fingers - it's a hell to put them on their small fingers!
  3. Beanies - on outings, their heads get cold pretty easily especially on windy days. And they hate it, haha. Also beanies look cute too!
  4. Winter boots - we don't get this as of yet, since we don't even have snow here in Tokyo hahaha. If we ever go to a place with snow (or skiing), we might have to get them winter boots. But for now Tokyo doesn't need them.

I think that's it for accessories. Writing about this made me realised that we might need to replace them for the kids for next winter as they will grow out of it so quickly.

Hope you can get some ideas on what to bring on your winter trip to Japan!


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