so, how was your 2022?

 So I changed the blog's design. Again.

Oh well. (Can never make up my mind on this - I might change again soon. But so far I think this design is the cleanest than previous ones.)

Soooo it's already December, and it's the kids' first winter. WHERE DID THE TIME FLIES? The customary question every year. I noticed I made a post with the same title for previous years too. But 2022, you've been the weirdest one so far. Who would've thought I would pack up and leave everything we've ever had for the past 10 years, and migrate to a whole different country?

It never, ever would've crossed my mind. December 2021 me would laugh at the mere thought of it, that's how foreign the concept was. I mean, it wasn't so foreign; it did cross my mind once or twice the last 10 years - but actually making it a reality?


In January, I remember being so nervous, having to enrol for a PhD program as part of my professional career development. I put it off for almost a year - I was asked about my PhD plan over and over again; to the point I could barely sleep over it, and after so many hurdles, I finally registered. Went to meet the SV and everything. Crafted out a decent (well, to me) proposal after countless changes made. Accepted into the program.

Had no idea that 3 months later, that plan would not materialise itself - and I was almost jumping up and down about it. My instinct WAS RIGHT!

Having to do something outside of your area is nerve-wrecking, sure. But if it was done based on good faith, and you have decent sources to fulfil it, and actually motivated towards it - then by all means. But if it's not?

So when you have it in your guts telling you it's wrong, then trust your gut.

I'm never taking my instincts for granted again.

So yeah. January plan and December result - what a huge difference. But did I regret it? Not a bit. Leaving the life I know, comfortable with and depended on; for a life far away from comfort? Not a little bit of regret here.

Whatever God has in His plan, I can only pray that we will always be in the right path. 

So, if I could sum up my 2022, it would be that - no regrets.

What about you? Hope 2022 was treating you well, or you found a piece of yourself that you haven't before. That should count for a celebration.

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