In my current read, Atomic Habit, it says that we should strive to become someone we would like to identify with instead of trying to achieve something out of it.

We exercise when we want to identify with a healthy person.

We read when we want to identify with a knowledgable, well-read person.

We write when we want to identify with a writer.

And that hits me hard. That used to be me. I wanted to be a writer for as long as I can remember, that being identified as a writer makes me feel good. Hence this blog. Although it has became a resource for my other hobbies - fashion, books, etc; I still love the feeling of accomplishment whenever I posted something here. A brief stunt at Zalora as a contributing writer was like a dream came true - someone actually contacted me to ask me to write for them! I still remember that feeling.

So I decided that I want to be a writer. Maybe not professionally as of yet, but I want to identify as one, so I am posting here, at my trusted blog. Afterall, it has been my safe place since 2007, and I’d like to think it will be for many more years to come. Although no one in 2021 bothers to read blog anymore.

Somehow that just works in my favor. So if you’re reading this in 2022, thank you for being here, there aren’t that many of you!

Hope you like it here.

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