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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

welcome to my blog


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Hello from home and MCO

So I guess this one blog entry per year really takes off..

Hello, to anyone who are still reading this blog. Not even sure why I still keep it haha.

Anyway, since Corona virus started and MCO started we've been spending 100% of our time at home. For me, I start my day at 7 am, layan the kids for a while (yes they wake up early every day -_-) and take my shower. Then breakfast, and make my coffee before I'm off to the third bedroom in the house aka my temporary office, since I still have to "work from home". Husband, on the other hand have emails to reply and assignments to do but he doesn't really have any meetings, so naturally it falls on him to be with the kids, while I have virtual meetings with bosses in my temporary office every day. Come noon, we will order Grab or husband will heat up the dishes I made previous night or he will go downstairs to tapau at some restaurants that still open. Then we have lunch together and by 2 pm, I will be off in the third bedroom again.

Kids will be napping at 3 pm with husband, and I will try to finish my work by 5. Then we will spend some time together before the kids wake up and I start preparing dinner. At night, we accompany the kids playing Legos and reading books or just watching TV - all these things were always cut short before, mostly from our part because we were so tired having to work and fetch them from school.

It's been like this for a few weeks now. Frankly, we've gotten used to it. I whined about not being able to go out at first, but at the moment, I love :

  • not having to put on makeup 
  • not having to dress up
  • being with my kids most of the time 
  • reading with them - so impressed how fast they're picking up 
  • getting to cook every day - I don't have to rush!
  • getting to play with my cat all the time (yes, I've got myself a cat, you know, like Audrey Hepburn)
  • getting to have lunch with my kids everyday

I know, there's so many things we would complain about MCO and not being able to go out and enjoy, but there's so many things we can do with MCO which we might not be able to do if there wasn't one.

At the moment, I'm grateful for everything. Yes, working from home isn't exactly easy, and I hate listening to people rambling during the meetings (cause I use a headphone and can't tune out) but when we focus on the positive things, somehow the situation gets easier. It's not just a cliche, guys, just try to do it.

As for me, I finally got my Macbook out and charged it and opened my browser and typed this - it's already a huge achievement for me.

Till next post! (Let's hope there's one before MCO ends.)


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