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WIWT : Red lippy

I find that nowadays my love for makeup just keeps getting stronger and stronger.

(And my purse, just keeps getting thinner and thinner.)

And it’s such a coincidence that at this point of time, the local cosmetics industry is blooming with new brands popping up right front and center. I’ve tried and tested a couple of them, but unfortunately still not a fan (also because I stumbled upon an article on lippies being mass produced by factories and how celebrities can just go and buy them in bulk, repackage them and stamp their names on it. Have you read the article? What do you think? Because I see more and more local products being made and yet the quality is...) and I’d still head to Sephora whenever I needed a supply.

And the latest local brand to venture into cosmetics? dUCk cosmetics! (The box says it's formulated in the UK btw, so not from the above bulk cosmetics article)

Was at the launch last few weeks which I haven’t blogged about – will save it for another day, I promise. This post is because I was wearing their lip gloss one day when I was out.

My verdict?

Wearing Arzu scarf, Zara top and pants

The lip gloss I wore is a strong vinyl red shade named Lady Eleanor. When I first put it on, I had to wipe it off a bit because it’s TOO red for my liking – really unlike me.

(Colleagues would have gone WHO ARE YOU on me. And bosses who never knew my name would start asking. It’s THAT red and glossy)

And it was a coincidence that the Taylor Swift new video was coming out that day…

That smoking deep vinyl red lipcolor. So similar right?

But still, I love that it has such a sweet smell and the shade is really long-lasting – I wore it after Zohor, and it’s still in great shade later in the evening. No need to touchup so much, YAY.

The cons? I don’t really like the packaging of the lip gloss range – the metallic rose gold/purple container is MAJOR turn-off for me. Like, I know they want to be different – but metallic case is Not for a lippie.

(While their lipstick range, Lipstickwitu is a purple case with magnetic lid – I super love.)

If given a choice, I’d buy some from their Lipstickwitu range just for the magnetic casings. 

If you’ve been reading this blog, you’d know this brand and I went long way back (posted my first ever review here) and how it’s been a love-hate relationship for me. Regardless, it’s such a good feeling and experience to watch the brand grow ♥


  1. Haha I totally LOL-ed at your hashtag XD

    Yeah I know and I hate that T.T I wish I could wear square scarves without looking like I'm 10 years older T.T


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