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second pregnancy : 37 weeks!

OK so I don’t know how I managed to skip my second trimester update entirely, on this blog T.T

And surprise surprise, am now entering 37 weeks pregnant which means I have less than 3 weeks to go before the due date. WHAT THE.

Time flies crazy fast this time around!

So how am I doing so far? If you’ve seen the lack of updates on Instagram (I realized that my Insta stories and pictures are full of Rayyan’s shenanigans) it’s because I don’t have the energy to attempt any Insta-worthy photos of me, so Rayyan is quick to my saviour haha.

Girls, second pregnancy is a whole other alien world.

After the whole 9 months of first pregnancy experience, you’d think you know how to dress in your regular clothes while being heavily pregnant, but you don’t. You’d think you don’t need another maternity top(s) or bottom(s) because you simply didn’t need them during the first pregnancy, but this time around, surprise surprise, you do. You’d think you can get away with eating a bit more than usual because people keep telling your bump isn’t that big, but then came your next month’s gynae appointment and you found out you’ve gained 3 freaking kg.

Nothing goes right.

And now at 37 weeks, I can safely say I am beyond exhausted. Been telling my baby that if he wants to come out earlier, then Mommy is more than happy to!

Which leads to the spring cleaning I did last week, and how I’ve got my hospital bag prepared since I entered 36 weeks haha.

But but, deep inside I’ve been feeling this weird happiness knowing that it’s getting closer to the time I’d get to hold my second baby in my arms. And how I’m so looking forward to seeing Rayyan become a wonderful big brother (hopefully, but I can sense that he’s going to be a fierce big brother too FML) and how our lives are going to change with the new baby’s arrival. I don’t think I’ve credited Shahrul enough for being such an awesome other half during this journey – he’s taken over so much when I’m too tired to do anything that I feel like people often oversee this fact.

Dads, they do go through pregnancy and face the challenges as we moms do – albeit in different ways.

Anyway. Second trimester was a better time for me (just like the first pregnancy) as my morning sickness subsided and I can eat again. Food tasted wayy better by this time. Gained more kgs as I mentioned, which according to my gynae “it’s OK you need to put on more weight” LOL my gynae is too laidback seriously. Out and about during weekends more because I CAN EAT AGAIN.

Third trimester? Still out and about, but walking gets too exhausting by now. I only have nighttime to play with Rayyan (on weekdays) but by 9-ish I’d get too tired, hence cutting short my playtime with him which I find myself so upset about L I wonder if this is how it’s going to be, once you’re adding more and more family members? More heads to be accounted for, more handful tasks and less time?

Only God knows, but at this moment, I’m determined to spend as much time as I can with Rayyan before his little brother comes along. 

(pictures taken at Freeport Premium Outlet, Melaka last weekend. Spending time with my little boy AND shopping = best therapy ever.)


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