my new makeup regime

I don’t know why but I’m so into makeup nowadays.

(Not so good for the purse though.)

To think about it, it’s been months since I last splurge at Sephora or MAC. Usually when I run out of eyeliner or concealer, I’d get my staple ones from MAC (used to sworn by its eyeliner) and tried on different concealers available at Sephora since I cannot find one that gives the best coverage at a good price yet. For brow liners, I’ve been using one from Revlon I bought some ancient time ago while I was still studying in Hiroshima, and since I hardly used it back then, I still have 1/3 of its pencil till now. For lipstick, I’d stick to use my staple nude pink color matte lipstick from MAC.

And that was it. Blushers, foundations, eyeshadows – they’re due to come during special occasions (like the VB collection), so for the past few months I just wasn’t feeling it. 

Until I started watching makeup tutorials on Youtube again -_-

So hello, new makeup regime!

These are the hauls from recent Sephora trip – one of the perks working so close to a shopping mall FML. But am so proud to say that each and every single item in my makeup pouch now are ones that are carefully chosen based on the countless tutorials I’ve watched, and transformed my life 360 degrees.

Let’s start.

That day, I was just thinking of dropping by the newly opened Chanel store nearby just to check out on the new arrivals, on my way to MAC to stock up my eyeliner. Since I had just ran out of my Benefit powder, thought I’d try this on without much expectation (had major disappointment with Chanel liquid foundation before) – but turned out this compact foundation saved my life.

My already oily face now doesn’t look as oily, it doesn’t feel heavy at all (one of the reasons I steered clear of foundation for a few years and relied on concealers), it smells so so nice and it has SPF. 

Been using this for a month or so and it still looks like new. The SA says I don’t need to use much on my face hence saving the portion for longer time – perfect for the price.

Will I repurchase? YES (unless I can find a substitute with cheaper price)

MAC Studio Finish Concealer SPF 35

I was quite nervous when i first have this in my makeup regime because it looks so tiny compared to the price tag – but I’ve been using this for months and months (can’t remember when!) and it still have a lot to go. Maybe the trick is to use less and blend better? I don’t know. 

Quality? OK-ish for coverage so far. It covers where needed.

Will I repurchase? Yes.

One of my makeup guru says,

“There is no point of using high end, expensive makeup if you don’t even have a good make up setting spray. Even more so, you waste more money without it”

So I got my lazy butt to Sephora and specifically asked for this. In its description, “De-Slick mists on weightlessly to control oil, deflect surface shine, and keep skin looking beautifully matte” 

Control oil. Tick. Deflect shine. Tick. Looking matte. Tick.

So far, I use this whenever I’m wearing more makeup than usual (which is including highlighter, blusher, eyeshadows etc) and at the end of the end, I think I look less like a mess than usual.

Will I repurchase? Maybe.

I used to stick to my MAC matte lipstick because I didn’t dare trying anything else, but this one changed my mind. I think this brand is growing on me – been eyeing their eye palettes too, but I don’t dare to make any purchases in that department yet lol.

Why it’s better than any other matte lipstick? It’s non-drying, easy to apply, gorgeous shades and it gives this cooling sensation to lips when applied. Reminds me of a Dior lip gloss I got a few years back.

Will I repurchase? A hundred times, yes.

(A little secret to share – this is so much better than MAC matte lipstick, NYX and NITA Cosmetics!)

I hardly used mascara due to sensitive eyes and contact lenses – they tend to make my eyes uncomfortable with bits of the mascara coming into contact with my eyeballs. Tried Clinique, Benefit and Lancome – after some time, all of them just didn’t work on me.

But this mascara. From the moment I put them on my lashes until the end of the day, not one bit affects my eyes nor my contacts, which I’m still surprised about. It’s like having mascara on but didn’t feel a thing. Easily removed, too, which is a huge point compared to Clinique’s mascara I used.

Will I repurchase? YES!

Having used to an old Revlon brow pencil since uni days, I’d say choosing this new brow pencil is a pretty big deal to me. Since uni, I refused to have my eyebrows shaped – wax, shave etc and would rely on the pencils instead so I took longer time to choose. But one of my makeup guru swore by this and her brows look so immaculately done, so I thought, let’s just try and see.

Thoughts? It’s so skinny I’m drawn to this conclusion that though it serves me well in filling and shaping my brows, it might run out quick T.T But so far it hasn’t so I’ll get back to you on that one.

Will I repurchase? I’m keen on testing the IT Cosmetics Brow Power Universal pencil, so we’ll see.


Using this at the moment because I got it for free as birthday gift from Sephora, but so far it serves me good.

Oh yes, missing in the picture is the most critical component in my makeup regime – eyeliner. 

Shall do another post on it (quite a long story).

I’ve always thought doing makeup is kind of working in between – you can’t do it too much or you’d look so overdone, and you can’t do it too little or you’d risk looking like a zombie. I’ve always tried to be in between; not too much and not too little, and I think this new regime of mine helps in achieving that purpose. 

Hope the review helps if anyone is in the same boat as me!

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