Joining the beauty cult of Pixi

So my colleagues (yes, plural) have been raving about this for months now.

Pixi Glow Tonic Exfoliating Toner, which supposedly is THE most raved toner in the beauty world; it has its cult following all around the globe. They couldn't stop talking about it, even showed me websites giving good reviews on the product. Can't remember if they were this enthusiastic about a certain product before!

So after a while, my usual toner has run out - took months to actually finish it since I'm not really religious in applying it day and night. After seeing the wonderful results on my colleagues (pretty sure I'd have no one to teman for lunch if I didn't), I decided to give this a try as the substitute.

While the colleagues got it from personal shopper from the UK, I decided to just wait for a while until I've figured out if I really want the stuff. I mean, it's not cheap - a 250 ml costs more than RM100, and for an exfoliating toner which I hardly use before, it seems like a huge leap for a beauty product for me.

Until..saw this suddenly available at Sephora T.T So yeah, snapped the last bottle online and got it delivered a few days later. #canneversaynotoSephora

The verdict? I love it. It's different from the toners I've used before - though admittedly, not that many - and has that after-application glow effect after just a few weeks of using. Though I have breakouts from pregnancy hormones FML, the toner helps dry them out quicker and reduce the redness.

Many reviews complained about the smell, but I find them very subtle and short-lasting. And I stilll have a long way to go in terms of finishing the 250 ml bottle even though I've purchased it for more than a month, so I guess the price is worth it.

People say pregnancy gives you a certain glow, but I sure know mine comes from this bottle..or at least 50% of it XD


  1. hi, just wondering how do u do this blog? create blog? can u share the link. i don't prefer blogspot. thanks in advance

    1. Hi, actually I'm using Blogger and my own domain so I'm not sure if I could help. Besides Blogger, there's Wordpress so maybe you can Google how to do a Wordpress blog :)



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