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WIWT : Publika

A few weeks ago, we went to Publika. Can't remember the last time we were there - but I remember vividly our first date there, it was after we got married and we felt adventurous. Wore heels and everything, which isn't so smart as Publika is quite big and the pavement aren't very heels-friendly.

After years, decided to bring Rayyan there as I read there are quite a lot of kids' stores there. (Really wanted to check out Whimsigirls.) I wasn't feeling very well lately, so weekend outings would tire me easily. So whenever I felt like going out, I'd make sure we shorten the trip as much as possible - and cram everything in as best we could.

Needed to be in my comfiest, so I wore my first pants from Love To Dress, the comfiest pants ever in the world I can't find words to describe it. Bought it on sale, which is practically a steal (for such a high quality product) and I didn't regret it.

Wore dUCkscarves satin silk in 50 Shades, comfiest pants ever from Love To Dress, top from Zara, Anya Hindmarch bag

I love that their designs are minimal and simple but with a unique touch somewhere. If I have more money, I'd buy at least one dress (coming from a girl who rarely ever wears a dress, that says a lot) and the famous cape top from Love To Dress.

The only thing which refrains me from buying - keep reminding myself that cape tops are a trend, hence they usually don't last. As I'm limiting myself to only basic items now, trends are no-no and I'd rather spend that money on something that lasts.

(Culottes, on the other hand, are not trends. They're forever.)

Shall keep my eyes on their Instagram in case they have another sale.


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