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Gotta catch 'em all

Oh hello, it's the Pokemon Go craze going on at my house. And everywhere for that matter, haven't you heard?

So far, I'm quite proud of my accomplishment. Started playing last weekend, and in between cooking a small open house dish for Rayyan's ex pengasuh who came beraya to our house, and feeding/clothing/caring for my child (and husband), I managed to catch some weird-nicknamed virtual animals and now leveled up to Level 3 with 3200 XP. Whatever that means!

Hello, I like to embarrass my husband by using his initials in my virtual identity's nickname haha.

On the other hand, Shahrul absolutely despises the game. He hates everything mainstream; hence he tends to draw away from things everyone likes and hates the word "viral" - he thinks the usage of the word should be banned -_- (I secretly agree, things that go viral these days are sickening)

I showed him the installed app in my phone, and he went,

"Ughhh don't tell me you're playing it..."

"What, yes I am!"

...and he walked away, defeated, shaking his head muttering why God why under his breath haha.

So far, I think I have a love-hate relationship with the game (which I bet most of us do lol) - it's so easy to play and accessible everywhere that you just have to open the app, walk around and that's it. The Pokemon characters could be in your bedroom, your toilet, your kitchen - I stayed home yesterday and managed to catch 4 of them : was lurking around behind my little brother, who was having his dinner...

...and one was lurking around the living room, which I "accidentally" caught while I was heading upstairs to sleep.

See? So easy to play and so addictive, because I kept shouting to my little brother "it's right behind YOU!"

He wasn't amused lol. let's see how many can be found lurking at the office today.


  1. haha! cant believe you're playing at the office too :D

    1. Can't play on the road, it's dangerous. At least at the office I get to walk around XD

  2. babe you pun terjebak ye >,< my husband pun sama, dia menghilang 3am sebab nak pergi cari pokemon T_T

    1. HAHA ok kalau i buat mcm tu my husband confirm halau XD
      dia pergi cari kat mana??


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