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WIWT : the new one

Was getting dressed for balik kampung last weekend (we're still in kampung woohoo, Shahrul has work stuff in Penang so we figured we'd just spend extra days at kampung - took 2 days off in conjunction with Nuzul Quran holiday) when I realized I've been wearing the scarf the same way since..forever.

Googled a bit, and this is the new me.

(Wearing dUCkscarves georgette in Sebastian, a top from Jovian I bought ages ago from Robinsons, Mastuli Khalid stripes culottes)

Been wearing this way for a few times now, but still, I don't think I've mastered it yet - always had to look in the mirror every few minutes as I felt very self-conscious in this style. Been ages since I last tried doing the scarf thing differently - the last time was back in Nihon when I was feeling rebellious and where I felt free from judgement.

Can't say the same now, but one different thing is, I no longer care haha.

Let's see if this new one stuck XD


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