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how to get rid of cellulite

I've been using L'Occitane hand cream for a while now. Got it from the store and have been applying it religiously every morning, when I reach the office - that it's becoming my own morning ritual. 

Can't help it. The smell is so good, I think it's bad that it makes me want to eat my own hands on Ramadan -_-"

Finished 1 whole tub of the hand cream, which is miraculous for a person who never finishes any hand cream product I've ever gotten since I was old enough to care for soft silky hands. Really. The scent of the almond oil is so delicious I can't even!

So in love, that I returned to the get a new tub, and a body toning lotion from the same range.

The body toning lotion is called Almond Beautiful Shape, aimed to reduce the appearance of cellulite while slimming and toning the skin. When the sales guy told me that it's good and listed down the ingredients, I was sold - upon discovering that post-pregnancy, I now have cellulite on my bum and thighs sobs T.T

When I first saw those cellulite on the mirror, I wanted to cry. From having seen those photos in the internet, I now have them on my own body FML T.T

During pregnancy, I was lucky enough though that I didn't stretch marks, I think because I applied treatment oil from Clarins and numerous stretch marks cream bought from pharmacy throughout my pregnancy haha.

But God has a way to teach a girl that she can't have everything in this world T.T

So I bought the Almond Beautiful Shape and have been applying it for weeks now. At first when I read the reviews on the internet, I had low expectations - no one says the cream "work wonders", per se. So I kept my low expectation but still religiously applying it every night.

Guess what. Last few nights, I noticed that most of the cellulite lines have DISAPPEARED.

There are still a few left here and there, but veryy veryyy minimal that I almost didn't notice!

So happy I could cry. If you're a girl, you'd understand.

Another bonus point? It smells like my pantang oil - but in a good way. The herbs' smell doesn't bother me somehow, and the texture is not so oily that it feels smooth upon application.

Can't believe I found a product that works on cellulite!


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