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Cameron Highlands Tea Plantation

Rayyan turned 1 year-old just a few days ago (this one deserves its own post, but I'll wait until the emo Mommy in me calms herself down) and we decided to spend the weekend at the one place we haven't been to yet.

(Actually I've been here, probably more than 10 years ago, but the husband hasn't. He's not into hills, I reckon..should've checked this before we got married)

Going up the hill was..eventful. Rayyan cried the car down until I asked Shahrul to stop the car while I calmed him down and made his milk in case he's hungry, and he stopped crying for a while. Until we drove up the hill and he started his crying fist again T.T

Swear I've never seen him like that, thus we concluded it must be because he was dizzy from the hill road. KL-Penang trips were just fine!

After a while, he was getting tired and sleepy so the crying stopped. Was so glad when we finally reached the Cameron Valley tea plantation, and he calmed down XD

Because look at this beauty. Who wouldn't?

Spent a few hours here (had to, the police closed the road up to Tanah Rata and Brinchang due to the Le Tour de Langkawi which was going on at that time FML) so we had tea and scones for a bit.

The scones were good, but not the nicest I've had. Will blog on the greatest scones I've tasted soon.

Ditched my heels, wore my good shoes on and brought Rayyan around the plantation.

It was so lovely - the weather, the plantation, the scenery. Can't remember the last time I was here, but this time felt like a whole new experience.

If you're looking for a nature trip for your family, go here! The cold weather was so niceee. The plantation was well kept too, considering the cleanliness state when we were there. There were some families hanging around but since the area is vast, we were left alone for most of the time.

I even saw some small waterfalls in the area, but it was too far we decided not to go.

I'd like to believe I'm still Rayyan's favorite person hmph.

Butttt so happy seeing him this happy! Felt like the trip so worth it. Shahrul says the tea plantation reminded him of Bali (we saw the similar paddy fields) and said,

"I never knew Malaysia has one of these"

Whatever that means XD


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