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Bangkok : Asiatique

On the first day in Bangkok, Shahrul had to go to work at his company site in a town 30 minutes away from the city. But luckily that day he managed to complete his work early and asked his boss' permission to return to hotel at 4 pm so that he could take us to..


Have you heard of a mall by the river, and you have to take a boat to reach there?

Looks super nice at night.

There was a stall selling Japanese ice cream, or called "soft cream" in Japan which I wanted to try. But there was a stall selling kebab right in front of it..and we chose kebab T.T

Should've gone there when we're less hungry lol.

The stores mostly sell souvenirs made in Thailand and local crafts, which reminded me of pasar-pasar we used to go in Terengganu. The perfect place if you're looking for souvenirs to bring home.

The place is magical at night. From the jetty, we can see Bangkok's skyscrapers!

The boat that took us there was decent enough to accommodate more than 20 pax if I'm not mistaken. And it's nothing like boats we can find here - the boats were so low we can easily touch the water! The river, Chao Phraya river is so massive that I clung to Rayyan so tightly - the boat was full of tourists and I had visions of us being pushed over if something bad happens. In a river that massive, I just knew I'll never survive.

Swore I'd never ride in a boat that low again.

Super magical at night.

Back to the city after 8 and had authentic tomyam kung, sweet and sour fish and rice at a nearby restaurant, Usman Thai restaurant. It was a Muslim restaurant and the owners were really friendly - they even offered to hold Rayyan while we had our dinner. I'm guessing they're from Pattani from their dialect (they spoke Malay with us, which sounded like Kelantanese for some reason) and really friendly, too. They chatted with us for a bit and Shahrul and I just replied with nods while we stuff our faces with the yummy food XD

Bangkok might be a nice city with places like Asiatique to go to, but I think it's gonna be my first and last visit there. My colleague once said this to me,

"Bangkok is nice, but it's one of those places you'd only go once in your life"

Or if we were to go there again, I'd opt for a more remote place - Bangkok city is too much city for me.


  1. Lama tak baca blog ni. Anyway, nak tanya, pakai camera apa ya? Rasa anon pernah tanya soalan ni dulu, tapi terlupa camera apa hahaha. Pics nampak cantik and clear.

    1. Haha it's Canon Powershot S95 :) Sekarang Canon dah upgrade ke S110 if I'm not mistaken. Tryla check out this camera. I love it!


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