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my first lontong

Last few weeks, my husband was down with high fever.

At first, I really didn't think much of it - I thought it was just a normal fever. Thought as long as he popped a few Panadols he'd be fine after a couple hours of nap.

Then the next morning, he still hasn't recovered; in fact, his fever was even higher than before. He was just lying there on the bed, inexpressive, which is unusual. Touched his forehead, it was so hot, like a boiling water. Luckily we have Rayyan's baby thermometer so I checked his suhu.

Almost 40 degrees.

Got ready as fast as I can, sent Rayyan to his babysitter and took the husband to the clinic.

Doctor says it's a viral fever and due to the infection at his throat. While waiting for the meds, Shahrul was shivering - I have never seen him looking so sickly. Thought of how many times I've been down with fever as an adult and he took care of me, or even when I was a kid - but they were never like this.

Before going home, I asked him what he wants to have for breakfast, since he doesn't have much appetite. He looked pale. Said he doesn't feel like eating, but then he asked,

"Boleh buat lontong tak?"

Okayy. I've never masak lontong at any point of my life (us the Northerners aren't used to eating lontong, to be honest) so I was reluctant at first. We dropped by a few restaurants around our house to look for the lontong.

There weren't any T.T

So I decided to take the challenge. Made lontong for the first time in my life!

The ingredients (from what I can remember) :

Garlic, chopped (I think used a few cloves)
Red onion, chopped
Dried shrimp
Ginger, chopped
Galangal, chopped
Turmeric, chopped

OK I think that was it since my fridge content is limited to those. Place all of the above in a blender, and blend them.

And as usual tumis the blend in a hot pot, add some santan, and salt to taste. Add some shrimps and  veggies - in my case, I used leftover cabbages - and let them be until boiled or masak.

Serve with nasi impit, sambal and egg. In my case, we didn't have nasi impit so I used normal rice and luckily we have some leftover sambal.

Ta-da, my first lontong. (Albeit not the perfect definition of lontong lol)

He said it tastes different from what he's used to, but he ate the plate clean. Not bad for a sick person, so Imma take that as a compliment XD


  1. Thumbs up. Banyak pahala dapat inshaallah :)
    Lontong tu nampak sedap sangat!

    1. Hehe thank you :)) insyaAllah! To more pahala! Hehe XD


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