if I were to go overseas..

I'd definitely pay Zara a visit, like, RIGHT NOW.

Because they're having a sale on gorgeous coats.

On top of my If-I-were list, is this one. Isn't this gorgeous? T.T

On regular days, I usually just walk past these coat racks in Zara because it's frustrating when you see something gorgeous, but your brain just won't let you have it.

Then, the Zara website came up T.T

Sigh I shall cut off the wifi soon.

These two jackets are so laidback, it looks like you just throw them on in the morning and walk out the door. And I'm drawn to grey colors now I don't know why - it would make sense if I were still in Japan as it's winter around this time, but in reality I'm in Malaysia and it's sunny here so.

The cape coat. I wish I had a cape in my closet, even though I have no clue where to wear it.

Zebra prints might be too OTT for me, but once in a while, I wish I had one. Though I'd wear it to places really really special - like the Illumination back in Hiroshima because this would look so nice with the lights. Gahh I miss Japan!

If you're going overseas soon, I hate you. But go get these from Zara - they have coats at as low as 99 bucks!

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