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Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Yup..I've taken the plunge. After years, I'm finally selling my old stuff!

It started in my small apartment back in Hiroshima when I was packing 4 years worth of clothes, books, accessories, magazines, soft toys, scarves..I realized that I could just sell them off and work with something new in the almari. Well, turned out I didn't have that much time - or passion - to take pictures of them, one by one and upload them to a website and advertise them.

Sounded like too much hassle to the then 24-year old me.

But now, say hello to Carousell!

I applaud whoever invented this app. It works with just your phone - take pictures of your stuff and instantly upload them, wherever you are. I find this concept brilliant.

One weekend, I found myself staring at my wardrobe thinking I could easily point which tops or pants or jackets I never wore anymore, and kicking myself for it. I should do something instead of just let them rot in there, untouched. (they bound to, sooner or later)

So I asked Shahrul to look after Rayyan while I do my thing - taking out the clothes and sorting them out in different plastic bags. I ended up with 4 different plastic bags which I asked Shahrul to give away to a charity centre we saw somewhere near our house, and the rest, to be sold at Carousell.

Those were the pieces I treasure the most - mostly bought in Japan and worn a few times during casual dates with Shahrul. They reminded me a lot of those times back then - selling them away is hard for me, but I hope their new owners will cherish them as much as I did.

So if you saw something you like at my page, do leave me a message for any inquiries - I'd be happy to nego with you!

What do I think of Carousell?

It's an easy way to do business - you can easily find someone to buy your stuff because there are a lot of potential buyers in there, mostly looking for cheap deals. Most items are second-hand pieces, so reviews are important - which is what Carousell is great for; they have positive, negative and neutral reviews for you to browse and decide. I like it because it's a straightforward system, even suggested to my junior who's selling her preloved Japan clothes too haha. Now, she's making it in Carousell more than I do T.T

Do visit and see if you like anything OK? :) InsyaAllah will be uploading more in future.

Items still available 

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