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the Hana Tajima x Uniqlo line

Once, during uni years, I had major crush on Hana Tajima and her style.

Spent days trying out her hijab-wrapping style, which was the shit back then. Everyone else tried and successful - I looked up hundreds of bloggers imitating her hijab style, so I thought it must work on me too, right?


So I moved on - for years, I didn't even know how Hana Tajima was doing! She used to do clothing business which includes her scarves too, if I'm not mistaken, but that was it.

Until recently, I discovered Uniqlo is collaborating with the UK-renowned hijab fashion icon to produce..her own Uniqlo line, Hana Tajima x Uniqlo.

Dropped by the nearest outlet to see what the hype was all about. Like this instant scarf of hers, for a start.

I was wearing Blue Icicle georgette dUCkscarves.

Loose plain cotton tops, pleated cotton trousers, instant cotton scarves.. I wasn't surprised to see the collection; it screams her own style she's had for years. The Hana Tajima hasn't changed at all. I read somewhere that it's the first time for Uniqlo to produce a line catering for more modest look, now that's inspiring!

Tried on some. Failed some, survived some.

I wanted a plain white top, but this one from her collection drowns me T.T Really not born for volume.

Was grateful that day that I took the time to try them on, cause mannequins made them look awesome T.T

Even though the only garments I've gotten from her line are the trousers (they're comfy I swear) and a top, I find myself dropping by Uniqlo just to check out her collection over and over again, to make sure I really didn't like the others. In a way, my body is telling me to try on clothes more in future prior to buying, rather than just assume I'd fit and look great in them - this time, it's a lesson!


  1. Yes, the trousers look so great on you.
    I got myself the scarf, and I fall in love with it.. :) I also love the wrap dress and the short blouson from Uniqlo x Hana Tajima SS16 collection.

  2. Just bumped into yr blog. By any chance do u wanna sell yr hana tajima shawl Im looking for this
    U can email me at
    Thank u😄


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