Omiyage from Japan

Husband got this for me from his last business trip!

Am a happy happy wife.

I used to get soaps and bath salts from Lush Japan during the uni years, simply because we couldn't find it in Malaysia and in Japan, it was everywhereeee. Up to the point that I was drawn into the store because we kept passing it during our many trips to the Hiroshima city, and ended up buying a month's supply of soaps.

Because their soaps are cool.

So what's inside?

3 different kinds of soap bars - Honey I Washed The KidsRockstar and Miranda. I've finished the first one recently and the whole time, my skin feels softer and smells buttery and chocolate-y for hours, which I love.

Back in uni, I used to spend some extra money I had (occasionally) on their bath bombs - made my shower times more enjoyable. Just fill the bathtub with warm water, toss one in and voila, the best bath time you've ever had. Made my life happier too. Just look at the colors.

(picture from here)

Didn't know the husband still remembers. T.T

And yes, quirky names appeal to me everytime. XD

Lush takes pride in their products being homemade and free from animal testing. (The founders were the ones supplying The Body Shop's products, too, before they came up with their own label, Lush. I just found out!) So it feels great to support this kind of business. And no, they're not originating from Japan - they're from US.

Can't wait to use the other two. Feel so sayang to use cause I don't know where to find Lush in Malaysia, but the husband might pay Japan a visit in future for his business trips so..

And they packaged the box so nice. Gah I miss Japan!

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