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Tory Burch York tote

Currently on my wish list.

Went into the TB store at Pavilion last weekend, and the SA showed me this.

So, so nice in real life the picture doesn't do it justice. I fell in love with the color in an instant, which is new. It's in a real soft baby blue shade, it's made of saffiano leather - so you can imagine how sturdy, classy the leather is. 

I'm all in for baby blue saffiano leather seriously.

One of the bags I'm putting my heart on right now. The one in french grey color is nice, too, but in bright light it's a little bit too dull. Which is weird cause I'd usually prefer nude over colorful things. I'm liking colors nowadays!

The SA said it's one of Tory's classic design and has been produced over and over, so it's bound to stay. The one thing I like about Tory Burch and Anya Hindmarch is, the design is classy and luxurious and yet still have the personal, down to earth touch to it - I seldom feel out of place wherever I take them to.

When the husband permits me to spend more on bags, I'd get this in an instant. (since I just got a new bag, YAY will blog soon!) Or if it can fit my office laptop - the size is a bit small at the base which won't fit my 13 inch office laptop :( The larger version is a bit too big for my frame, though. I wish they'd produce a medium size, or at least making it a couple inches bigger. Then it'd be the perfect bag.

Tak kisah lah. I want this!! Gahhhh.


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