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Samantha Sherina by Thian : Raya 2015

A while ago, I purchased an awesome Honeyblossom kurung from a local talent, Samantha Sherina by Thian. Was contemplating on several designs under their brand before I finally settled on Honeyblossom (which I wore to a kohai's wedding) because I was pregnant and needed a loose kurung.

I was drawn to them because :

1) it's another brand by Gallo by Thian's former head designer, Teresa Thian
2) the quirky and dreamy designs of their Raya 2014 line
3) their designs revolve around kurung kedah, which I love. Am tired of seeing fitted modern kurung and peplums everywhere!

Daria kurung, one of their bestsellers

Earlier this year, I received a Whatsapp from one of the Samantha Sherina by Thian's rep, inviting me to a preview sale of their new collection, Midsummer's Dream for Raya 2015.

I was contemplating whether or not to go - I'm 38 weeks pregnant, and going to events where girls prettily dressing up whilst I'm in my maternity fashion sounds..depressing. But I was curious to see their new designs, and we were offered 20% discount entitlement during the preview.

An offer I could not resist.

So dragged the husband to the place, E & O Residence, Jalan Sultan Ismail.

We arrived quite late - an hour past the time it's scheduled to start T.T. The team fetched me at the lobby and off we went to one of the suites - it was a condo! So cool, seeing the pieces in racks organized beautifully at the centre of the 'living room' and there were mini kitchen and a table for the girls to mingle around.

Had complimentary cupcakes, bread, some sandwiched and biscuits. Sherliza introduced herself and some of the SSbyThian team. They were friendly and even remembered my name, which is a quality I will not forget (a designer knows my name!). Met some girls and accidentally bumped into an ex-high schoolmate. Shared some stories on her own experience delivering her baby (who's 1 year-old now) while feasting our eyes on the beautiful clothes.

The girls were busy trying on pieces in the 3-bedroom they have in the unit. It was a gorgeous unit, I thought. A bit small but beautifully decorated nonetheless.

And after 2 hours, I finally found my baju raya for this year.

For the new collection, they still stick to their original theme of revolutionized kurung kedah in pastel colors. But this time, there are more floral touch as you can see from this piece - even the husband said "some of the designs have pop-up flowers like the ones you used to wear"

Didn't know he notices what I usually wear. I keep underestimating this guy T.T

So, I got this to wear on Raya! Told the husband that his and baby's baju melayu would have to follow the color theme LOL.

The collection is scheduled to launch in March 2015, so keep a lookout - you will love the pieces.


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