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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

welcome to my blog


being a mommy
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third trimester anxiety

7 months now.

And we've found out the gender!


Le husband's reaction?
"Ok so this one will be the goalkeeper"

For me, I didn't really have my heart set on which gender preferences (both are terrifying and will need a lot of diaper change, anyway) so it wasn't much of a surprise. Kind of expected too; it was freaky because I kept drawn to baby boy things since the early pregnancy. Once we were out buying some dresses and gowns for Shahrul's nieces, and I thought they were just..ugly haha.

So..we're having a boy!


Eating well Alhamdulillah, but nay to round cheeks. Been craving for Nescafe so much now which isn't good, but Babycenter says no more than 2 cups of coffee per day is OK. Can tolerate a bit of milk in drinks here and there (was declared lactose intolerant by the doctor during my first trimester).

Back pain is however..unbelievable. I can't seem to lie down with comfort now; the back pain will creep in and Shahrul would have to massage my back every night T.T
"This is why you shouldn't wear heels anymore"
"I don't, I just wear the platforms now"
 "Oh OK"
He didn't know my platform is a few inches tall.


Can feel his movement and kicks more frequently now (and more obvious). It still feels alien to me - sometimes he kicks so hard I'd just burst out laughing (WTF lol) and the husband would give me jealous looks.

(If only he knew how painful back pain is.)

Visits to gynae now feel so redundant because it's always the same comment "your baby is well, healthy and everything looks good" (crossing fingers!) but seeing the baby on live screen still amazed me. During one visit, the doctor showed me his vital organs and suddenly exclaimed;
" is it here? Oh he has very very thick eyebrows!"
And she proceeded to laugh. I guess it's not very common to see baby's eyebrows so obvious in 2D scan..but apparently we have a very thick eyebrow-ed baby!

She then proceeded to check my eyebrows to see if the baby got it from me, or the husband. Pfft.


Not very good. Still very much not emotionally-balanced (sorry husband). But having pregnant co-workers around to give me tips and dos and don'ts somehow have its perks - the more you read, the more unprepared you feel WTF.

But will make do in 3 months. *flexes pelvic muscles*


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