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the hospital bag

This weekend, the husband and I had our own mission - to get everything on the hospital bag checklist.

It actually stemmed from our previous visit a few weeks ago to my cousin's who just had her baby - who was born one month earlier; at 8 months of her pregnancy, due to preeclampsia. When listening to her labor story, the husband suddenly turned to me and said,
"She gave birth at 8 months - that's like less than 4 weeks from now. We don't have our hospital bag ready yet!"

So that's how we were determined to get it settled by this week haha. #paranoidparents

Nevertheless, we got almost everything on the list - the receiving blanket, towel for the baby, diapers, wet wipes, washcloths and his going home outfit and some essentials for me (which includes breast pads - the most hideous thing ever.) while some would be prepared by the final weeks insyaAllah. Got home, sorted everything we have and I told him all we need now is the bag.

He showed me some bags he thinks is appropriate - like this.


Of course I didn't agree. Shahrul expected this so he dropped this on me,
"The bag doesn't have to be fashionable, it's just supposed to be a normal backpack to put the bottles and everything inside"
Because my version of hospital bag is this.

The Mischa bag.

My argument,

  • the bag needs to be big enough to shove all unexpected items we would be needing - all first time parents would know
  • easy to carry; which rules out the backpack, to me
  • distinguishable from other bags; which rules out the backpack too

The outcome? We're still debating between these two, but any other suggestions are welcomed.


  1. Haha a mischa bag! U can just use a normal bag..doesnt have to cost that much hehehe
    Praying for u guys..insyaallah u will be fine ;) i survived mine long time ago..thank god

    1. Yeah, define normal hahaha T.T insyaAllah please pray for us! Thank you Finie :)

  2. Been so long have not browsing ur blog...goodness!!! Funny lah korang nih...if hospital bag is for ur preparations before & after baby is born...main important stuffs inside the bag not the bag itself...if for the jalan2 purposes than cari lah diaper bag..perhaps i understand ur style Zatil, look for one suits u..tak perlu bwk dua tiga beg pun..yg penting not type yg terbuka or without zipper..if not habis brg2 senang terburai hahahaha...

    Yup, start to think..masa infant ye byk brg2..after toddler then all easy already!

    Luv, kak ella

    1. Kak Ella, diaper bag pun kitorg tgh google haha T.T
      Yup that's what I wanted, a bag big enough to accommodate everything. A tote is perfect to me. Just a matter of choosing hehehe.

      Thanks Kak Ella! :)

    2. To be honest dont wasted like i did before! Find those yg can fit 4-5 diapers (when the baby bigger it will become lesser), one set of spare clothes, wipes (this one wajib forever once u hv children hahahaha), small toiletries, muslin cloth or small towel incase baby burp or nak kena mandi if "ter"..if u bfeed then less and ringan lah bag without the bottles/milk etc..etc..cuba browse MBMJ ada cute diaper bag with the babymat..

      If u wish to combine ur personal belongings with ur baby stuffs but then kena fikir gak if jenis suka bwk all gazillion stuffs than u need stroller that carries a big pocket so u can put all ur babystuffs without jamming ur own handbag hehehe bag cari jenis nylon easy for to clean up incase ada teraccident or comot other than ,mbmj jenis kipling or le sportsac also ringan...

      All the best ok...i know the excitements bila dpt first the end of the day u will listen to ur own mind coz as usual mother knows best....muaahahhahahaaa...

      Luv, kak ella

    3. Tulah, we are looking for diaper bag terus so that don't have to buy banyak beg hehehe. Yay Kipling, MBMJ and Le Sportsac now in our list! Now baru perasan those bags I keep seeing tapi tak pernah ada solid reason to buy hahaha.

      Thanks Kak Ella :) True that, hahaa


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