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my own Stam bag

I've had my eyes on this one bag for years now - the first time was ever since I saw it on Purseblog. It has quilted leather in so many colors, but my favorite back then was this soft blush color. Loved it so much that I started reading Purseforum every day; stalking every picture posted by the lucky owners who are obviously not broke and obviously buy bags for a living.

And the celebrities who wear them became my idols.

Being a college student limited my savings and passion for the expensive bags I knew I'd kill myself for spending the money, I just had to brush it off and get on with life.

Fast forward last year, I found out that Marc Jacobs has decided to discontinue the bag - the Stam bag - and I was crushed. There goes my chance to ever hold it in my arms! So desperate to own it, I started looking for the bag online; trying to find the best deals for the best color I wanted, etc before they sold out.

Nothing gives. I found none that I like, and even when I did, it's crazy expensive and just didn't make sense to me. Getting married (hmmph) hampered my need to own it even more - I needed to prioritize. Even so, now and then I still drop by MJ branch in KLCC just to see if they had one at cheaper price. The most discount they gave was 30% - still ridiculously pricey to me.

So no Stam.

Fast forward again to this year last month, when I found out a new Marc Jacobs store is opening at JPO and (coincidentally) we had our babymoon at Desaru, I told the husband,
"Jom check out JPO! Along-alang dah lalu"
But obviously he knows me better lol.

So we did. And we went to the newly opened MJ store - saw the Stam bag in a gorgeous dark purple shade, tried it on, asked for the price.

It was at more than 50% off! MORE THAN. I still remember my reaction when the salesgirl showed me the price tag; it was like me seeing Tom Hiddleston in real life hahaha.


The salesgirl said they're having the opening sale hence the big reduction, and also because the Stam is discontinued - still, the price is so, so much lower than the one in KLCC.

So glad I waited, all those years.

When we reached home, I pulled out the bag from the dust bag and started admiring it in the mirror. Husband couldn't care less - but when he saw me hugging the bag from afar, he said,
" You have a sickness."
Fine, maybe I do. Hmmph.


  1. Hi zatil, how much is the bag?

    1. If she got it at 50% off, it shud be around 2.5k or 3k. Am i right? :D
      Nice purchase zatil! I missed my chance to get it sob sob :(

    2. Safa & Mimi, yes around that :) Not sure if JPO still has it but worth a check!


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