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Baseler Hof Hotel

Since it was a business trip, the hotel reservation part was left to our counterparts in Germany to do on our behalf.

(Really, we were just too lazy to survey. But my boss said he'd prefer booking the hotel himself - it gives him freedom to choose which area to stay, etc which is sensible especially when you're going to a foreign place. I didn't mind.)

A few days prior to the trip, we received booking confirmation (it was a last-minute trip). Our counterparts knew the area well - they chose Baseler Hof hotel, a private family-run hotel in the city, located in the middle of Hamburg.

The room is actually..not so bad. It has everything it's supposed to provide (for a hotel) and given that it's one of the best hotel in the city, I had nothing to complain.

The hotel is about 15-minute walk from Hamburg central station, which is convenient for us. Except that I'm pregnant and walking more than 500 meters just sounds too exhausting and muri for me; we ended up having to take cabs every day -____-"

The area around the hotel was nice. A walk along the street by the hotel led us to beautiful buildings, something uncommon in this area Europe.

 Why I love this certain place of the continent.

The interior of the hotel itself did not disappoint.

There's a sitting area where guests would sit while waiting, and a bar in case they're thirsty. I find the whole concept very sophisticated - something they would have chose targeting the business, corporate people coming to stay.

We were provided breakfast every day, so at 6.15 am sharp you'd find me at the hotel's restaurant binging on the croissants and cheese and yogurts.

 The hallway. (I had too much time!)

The service? Wasn't so bad. The staff were friendly and helpful without being overly chatty, which I find somewhat accommodating. Maybe it's the Germans.

I won't say I'd stay here if I was on vacation because most of the people staying here were traveling for work so if you're going with your spouse, you'd feel a bit out of place. I'd opt for livelier, less intimidating hotel with pool at least!

But the stay here sure made the trip a lot easier. Nice room, nice breakfast and nice staff.

To summarize,

  • comfortable place
  • maybe a bit pricey - so make sure you know the area and survey other choices
  • walking distance to the central station
  • surrounded by nice buildings and also shopping street - convenient for last minute retail therapy
  • a kebab shop just down the corner 
  • they don't provide iron for the rooms; you'd have to go down to the basement to iron in the ironing room

Actually made friends with one of staff there because he can speak Malay hahaha. He'd greet us at the restaurant every morning with a "Selamat pagi madam!" I think it's the only Malay phrase he knows, but it impressed me nonetheless.

Nice people made my day.


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