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We were in Kuala Kangsar this weekend, visiting his former high school for a reunion of their 10th year anniversary.

Coming from an all-girls school, I could not be any more annoyed by a group of privileged boys; albeit 10 years later.

The trip was worth it, though! Never been to Kuala Kangsar before.

 Visited the famous mosque and the palace, which I can't remember the name.

 The old museum. I find this breathtaking.

On the second day, there was a football match and their batch team was playing so everyone assembled at the field. At freaking 9 am.

I made fun of his school by saying I was looking forward to see the "museum" - because of how old his school is (founded in 1900+ something, I wasn't listening), but he didn't get the insult part.

"Yes, my school IS old..I agree, it looks like museum kan?" beams proudly. Ceh.

The building indeed was old, and I was quite impressed at how they preserved the outerior part.

The interior, though..not so good. Next time when your husband says he's taking you on a tour of his former dorms, say no or you'd risk bumping into semi-naked teenager boys coming out of bathrooms.

I actually thought this building (mostly known for their trademark building) is the administration building, but it's actually the dorm rooms for Form 4 and 5 students. That seems weird to me.

 Not even halfway into the match and I was already bored. And this color combination of our shoes looks good.

 The wives, bored half to death but trying to put on a poker face and stay alive.

 "Why are you so impressed with this building?!"
"Well we don't have building this old in Cyberjaya.."

I knew how much he adores his school, but I never thought I'd see it with my own eyes. Being girls, we are so confined with our responsibilities - to job, parents, husbands, kids - that organizing something like this would take a huge chunk of our tiny free-time portion we have left after taking care of the family and household. The guys? One of them actually has his wife in labor, but he managed to get away and join the gathering.

I should be more surprised.

Still, all-girls school win.


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