Thursday, March 06, 2014

his 27th birthday

We were so used to celebrating each other's birthday separated by different continents these past few years; that when this year we get to be at least in the same country, I didn't really know how to celebrate his birthday.

Had no time to scrapbook, so I had to resort to conventional.

A birthday cake.

No, actually it was a slice of a cake.

Rushed from KLCC to his workplace after work, dropped by Secret Recipe to get this slice of red velvet, ordered my quick dinner cause I didn't get to have lunch (meetings took over my life..) while waiting for him to finish work.

What I got for him this year? The chocolate box and a tie from Zara. Regardless, I managed to snatch the tie after the meeting (this is why you need your office to be on top of a shopping mall) so when I handed him his birthday present inside the Zara bag with the price tag still in tact, he wasn't so amused.

He didn't like the tie either, I could tell, even if he was acting all macho about it.

"Yes, I still keep the receipt so you can go exchange it next time we go to KLCC"

I'm such a great girlfriend, aren't I? Tsk.

Happy 27th birthday, boyfriend. To think that we've been celebrating your birthday together since we were 19 years old, wow, we're old.

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