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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

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At the office, I usually have lunch either alone at my workspace if I have some reports' dateline coming up, or with my office roommates at the cafe, or at some restaurants in Bangi when all of us are feeling generous.

After a few months, tradition gets old. So we decided to have a potluck in our small circle.

But I love spending some time with these people because the gems I got from them are always unpredictable, funny and meaningful all at the same time. (philosophers, these people).

Like the other day, when some of the married ones were sharing their experience on..marriage.

Colleague 1 : Me and my husband, will never settle eye-to-eye on balik kampung issue. Every year, it's always the same fight.
Colleague 2 : You have to tolerate sometimes, we need to respect the husband..
Colleague 1 : I've been patient enough already! HE NEVER CONSIDER MY FEELINGS! I WANT TO SPEND RAYA AT MY KAMPUNG TOO!

Colleague 3 : My husband, once, stopped the car in the middle of a fight and asked me to get out of the car and ignored me crying. You know why? All because he said all he wanted to do was nap when I want to go out.

Colleague 4 : The first year of marriage is the hardest. Guys are so used to living by themselves all their lives, so when they need to co-habitate, things will get confusing. Like during the first year, my husband was so selfish he would just do his laundry and leave mine untouched. I MEAN, I DO NOT COOK FOR MYSELF PUN, DID I?! I COOK FOR HIM ALSO! I COULD HAVE JUST COOKED FOR ME AND LET HIM STARVE!

But my personal favorite, when we were talking about male-female relationships.

Colleague 5 : When a guy wants to get married, he should realize he's no longer an "eligible bachelor". He can't be the same guy he was before, because there are limits when it comes to his relationship or approach with other women now. He can't do casual things like movies or dinners with other women when he's already in a committed relationship, what more marriage. Because these things can cause fitnah, and Islam has a strict rule about that. He should be more careful and sensitive to this issue; honor his oath and not engage in behaviours which can cause fitnah. If they feel like they need this freedom to go out with other women or casual outings or dinners, then they should not get married at all. It just proves that they cannot commit. You need a man, not a boy.
Colleague 6 : (looks at my face) You're scaring the poor girl now..

Suffice to say, I learned a lot.


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