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the bow bag.

One of the biggest decisions I had to make in 2013 was this one.

Because I had my eye set on this.

Miu Miu bow bag in Pomice (picture from here)

Saved money for years because I knew one day I'd be yearning for good bags like this classic Miu Miu bow bag, and once I've reached the goal I've been looking on the internet for all its pictures I could find so that I can see the bag from all angles - I've seen celebrities donning the bag in PurseBlog and fellow forumers proudly wearing theirs in PurseForum that I knew I've never wanted something so bad in my entire life. 

But you see, spending a huge chunk of money on something big was a lot easier during uni days - all I had to do was starve, have Maggi mee for dinner and save up the monthly allowance and that was it (when you're busting your ass off studying for finals and writing Japanese reports, you don't have time for fancy meals lol) but when you're working, it's a whole different scenario.

Spending my hard-earned money for a bag turns out a lot harder than I thought. Sure, we can always rely on bank account balance and good paychecks but however comfortable you think you are, there's always that guilt feeling at the back of your mind when you think of the bigger picture.

And in my case, I decided that I had to make a choice between this bag or a nice nikah dress. So I chose the latter because it's simply meant more to me, and after all, there's always 2014 to look forward to.

Still saving the spreadsheet I made though, for future reference. Till we meet again, Bowie.


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