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the NYX smokey eye set.

I've always been a fan of NYX - they're practically one of the most affordable line with quality in the market. My first purchase of NYX was when I discovered my grocery store back in Japan stocked them and I got their nude eye palette which I still have up till now.

So when I was in KLCC's Sephora the other day, I found out they have this NYX Parallel World box, and I just had to get it.
So what does this box consist of?

6 color smokey eye palette, pink blush, a neutral pink matte lip cream, black liquid liner, jumbo eye pencil (not in picture, it's just that I forgot), and a mascara.

I know I've been collecting quite a number of off-the-counter makeup - lip gloss, mascara etc - but this set is just a perfect combination for all occasion. I wanted to get the eye palette originally, but the salesgirl sweet-talked me into buying this set cause the price is almost the same for the eye palette and this set.

Tried the lip cream and I was sold.

Went light on the blue shade and brown of the smokey eye palette, a small bit of the pink blush, mascara and the pink matte lip cream. If you want a darker shade, can double up the blue or black shade of the eye palette!

At the risk of sounding like a blonde, I love this smokey eye palette for adding some color to my dull face. Though I'm still not confident enough to go full-on smokey.


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