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the 4 sushis.

So I had a discussion with my male colleagues the other day.

Topic of discussion? How it is perfectly okay for a man to have 4 wives.


It started with us discussing about some of us getting married this year - you see, my department is consisted of mostly young executives, hence it is kind of a fun activity anticipating whose wedding is coming up next. So far we have one colleague getting married in October, one in November and one in December - it's almost like our "peak season" hahaha!

So whilst we were on the topic, this male colleague of mine (he's married) asked my opinion on men having 4 wives.

"Why are women so defensive when it comes to the topic?"

I'd have to agree with that. Why are we so defensive? And apparently for men, they feel like it is their right to practice polygamy as it is allowed in Islam.

"You know, if your husband have other wives it should be a good thing for you too - you can have some alone time when he goes to the other wives' house"

I was baffled.

And another male colleague (he's the one getting married in December) chipped in;

"Imagine you have 4 sushis served in plate in front of you - would you just take one, or would you take all 4 of them? When you have the space in your stomach and is perfectly capable of taking all 4 sushis, why would you deny it? If you just take one sushi, the other 3 will be membazir you know"

This is a battle I could never win, so I decided to play along.

"Yes, if you have 4 sushis served in your plate for you, there's no reason why you shouldn't take them when you're perfectly capable of paying for them and consuming them. But if you only have 1 sushi served in your plate (nodding at this colleague who's getting married soon) then you should just consume this one sushi and appreciate it, rather than going around looking for other sushis, no? Because that will be tamak and Islam does not like us to be greedy"

I don't know how but that did shut them up hahaha.

Yes, we discuss the darndest topics sometimes.


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