away again.

Day 3 of training at UTP so guess where yours truly is now.

Freaking Ipoh city!

It's been a while since I went anywhere for business trips so I kinda miss the hustle. I mean, yes, going back and forth from Bangi to KL is erm great (except for the darn traffic) but it's nice to be working out of the city.

And can you believe that I can't remember the last time I was in Ipoh?

Realized a few things in these few days of living in a hotel :

  1. Ipoh city is an alien to me. The roads, the people, the driving, the manners on the road, the closed doors and windows of shops at freaking 6 pm in the evening, the limited choices of restaurants - we had to resort to having steamboats yesterday cause all the restaurants already closed! I don't get this.
  2. The hotel. I have this amazing tech-savvy door lock and switch (touch-screen!) but they took the whole night to get me an iron and an ironing board. Priorities, priorities.
  3. I'm practically half-awake by 9 pm so the colleagues felt like I was ditching them during their night outings (they went out for bowling tonight and here I am, writing to you on my bed)
  4. Training means learning how to operate new equipment during the day so by 5 pm I already felt like puking. Absorbing like mad and it's been 2 years since I last finished reading a bloody manual.
  5. Hotel food is awesome but I'm not cut out for buffet so it's a waste. 
  6. I love hotel food.
  7. Raided the hotel room's cupboard and found a weight scale. Priorities!

View from the hotel room. That's Kinta River.

2 more days to go and I miss the office already.

Colleague : What's the difference between pekan Ipoh and bandaraya Ipoh?
Me : -____-"


  1. Pekan Ipoh = Pekan lama berdekatan Gerbang Malam. Orang tempatan panggil Ipoh Lama (kalau tak silap)

    Bandaraya Ipoh = Keseluruhan Ipoh

    Ipoh terkenal dengan char kway teow. Boleh cari di Greentown (buka pada waktu malam sahaja). Makan di tempat terbuka. Kawasan ini taklah jauh sangat dari Gerbang Malam.

    1. Ok so there IS a difference!! Haha. Ingatkan kawan main2 je -_____-"

      Ipoh char keoy teow & Penang char koey teow lain ke? Ingatkan Penang je ada char koey teow. Ada kawan suggest makan nasi vanggey and nasi ganja (supposedly famous dekat Ipoh)

  2. Rasanya lebih kurang sama.

    Nasi ganja dan nasi vanggey memang satu kemestian. Selain dua jenis nasi ni, nasi RM2@stadium pun terkenal di Ipoh.

    Jangan lupa beli limau bali :-)



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