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Hana's big day #2.

Hana's wedding was most probably the nicest wedding I've been to.

And yes, I know the statement is totally biased since she's my super cool girl friend; but I'm being super honest here. She's one of the people I know is not keen on spending too much on lavish wedding occasion (but I predicted she'd be a bridezilla - she wasn't too much of a bridezilla; except during the day before her nikah, I woke up to hundreds of Whatsapp messages sent by the her mostly about the bridesmaids' dresses. Totally not surprised.) so I looked forward to this special occasion.

Pictures from my phone.

Moments before her akad.

Love this pelamin the most!


The bridesmaids' dresses were made by the same tailor who made her nikah dress. Love the workmanship, hate the service.

Berebut the bunga tangan with Jua hahaha.

Kudos to Masjid Bukit Jelutong for the amazing interior; highly recommended if you ever want to have a nice place for akad.

The next day was the reception for both sides, and you know what's amazing?

The groom who makes the effort to surprise the bride singing Anuar Zain's Sedetik Lebih in front of hundreds of guests.

I practically ran to the stage to record the singing and take tons of pictures. Sucker for romantic gestures, yes.

Married like a boss!


  1. lovely pictures! congrats to the beautiful couple..


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