babysitting niece.

So I'm back at home in Penang to celebrate Raya, and today my sister dropped off her precious one to let me "learn how to babysit" for a while since she's out buying stuff to make ketupat and rendang.

I was so stupid and excitedly said 'yes'.

What a dumb idea.

You know what people don't tell you? That while kids are adorable and cute, their sweet angel face don't really reflect on their personality. She's so cute and I love her to death, but boy, she's one tough girl I had trouble catching up with her.

She wanted a rambutan she found in front of our house (the gardener pakcik kindly left us some there) and asked me to kupas for her.

I did. I cleaned the rambutan, found a knife, cut it open. Kupas it some more to get rid of the seeds.

And gave it to her.

"Don't use your left hand, use your right hand to eat"
*stares at me, maybe trying to figure out my tone, still reaching out with her left hand*
"Acik Atil said don't use your left hand, use your right hand"

She recognized my angry tone. Oh boy.

So she took the rambutan from me using her right hands and freaking threw them away.

I mean seriously, I don't know where she picked up this attitude!! The last time I saw her she was still so sweet..sigh. But seconds after that she was being all angelic niece again; coming to me asking why Upin & Ipin is still not on TV and where's Mom I'm so hungry etc and I'm kissing her face again.

Kids are spies, I tell you. It's a conspiracy that they can still make you all in love with them and hate them at the same time.

Ok maybe not hate. It's just that I really don't like it when they poop or throw tantrums.

P/S : It's Raya tomorrow!! Selamat Hari Raya, please forgive all my wrongdoings personally or through this blog :) Hope you have a splendid Raya this year insyaAllah!

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